• meet a chef and two farms

    Chef Dan Spitz We are delighted to have Chef Dan Spitz return for this year’s Feast of the Fields. He is the private chef and owner of FatNHappy, LLC catering in the Capital Region. Chef Dan spent the majority of his early years in Portland, Oregon, where he worked for elite West Coast restaurants as… Read More 

  • meet two farms and two chefs

    Denison Farm Denison Farm is committed to organic agriculture and is “Certified Naturally Grown.” The 164-acre Schaghticoke, NY farm is comprised of rich bottomland, wooded ridges, pasture, hayfields, marshes, and streams. The farm has a 21-year history of organic management and CSA marketing. PLAN is super excited to have Denison Farm’s continued involvement and fresh… Read More 

  • request for services

    Coordination of Southern Palmertown Range Community-based Conservation Strategies

  • meet a farm, a chef, and a vendor

    There are 12 chefs, over 20 vendors, over 60 farms, and hundreds of people expected for the 2019 Feast of the Fields. We’ll be slowly releasing our menu of vendors, chefs and farms. Old Tavern Farm Winery   This is Old Tavern Farm Winery’s first year at Feast. The owners of Old Tavern Farm, a… Read More 

  • hot summer reads

    In need of a summer reading book?  Summer staff picks from PLAN are here to help!

  • nys invasive species week recap

    In case you missed it, this week was NYS Invasive Species Week.  So we decided to share some of the local nuisances. Click below to learn more about some of the invasive fish, flowers and other species in your backyard. Zebra Mussels and Water Chestnuts Yellow Flag Iris and Mute Swan Invasive Fish Invasive Flowers… Read More 

  • invasive fish

    Have you ever caught these pesky fish?

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