• Leap of Kindness Day

    On Friday, February 28, in honor of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce’s Leap of Kindness Day Initiative, Saratoga PLAN spent the afternoon giving back to a treasured community partner, Wildwood Programs.

  • 129 acres of forever farmland

    Saratoga PLAN and landowner David Bowman finalized a conservation easement on 129 acres of fertile farmland comprising Malta Ridge Orchard and Gardens in the Town of Malta.

  • GIS Internship

    Saratoga PLAN is hiring a GIS Intern to utilize remote sensing data to map priority Eastern Hemlock stands on Saratoga PLAN’s preserves and develop written strategies for future monitoring and treatment plans.

  • 80 acres conserved

    On Friday December 13th, Saratoga PLAN, in collaboration with Rick Burke and The Nature Conservancy, signed into agreement the Burke Forest Conservation Project. The conservation easement permanently conserved just over 80 acres of forest habitat in the Town of Saratoga, on what is locally known as Irish Hill.
  • farmland access workshops

    An unprecedented amount of funding is available from New York State for Farmland Conservation for 2020. Join us for a workshop to learn more.

  • conservation heroes 2019

    On Saturday December 7, six Conservation Heroes were honored at the Wm. H. Buckley Farm in the Town of Ballston for their exceptional contributions to conservation in Saratoga County.
  • #givingtuesday

    With Saratoga PLAN, when you give, you get.

  • welcome wendy!

    Wendy Mahaney, PLAN’s new Palmertown Coordinator says hello!

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