• winter raffle!

    Enter for a chance to win a 2 night stay at a slopeside condo in Stowe, VT!

  • siege trail cleanup

    This October, Saratoga PLAN’s Next Generation Committee hauled six bags of debris out of the Saratoga Siege Trail – a Saratoga PLAN partner trail in the Village of Victory. The Next Gen Committee has been active for less than a year, during which they have explored how they can act as an extension of Saratoga… Read More 

  • welcome laura!

    Saratoga PLAN, in partnership with Open Space Institute (OSI), is excited to announce the new appointment of Laura Kipper to the position of the Palmertown Coordinator.

  • north country creamery

    Connecting our community with local farmers feeds into our mission of conserving the region’s rural character.

  • new trails update

    Prior to opening to the public, two new Saratoga PLAN trails in the Town of Galway are getting a good dose of TLC this fall: Barkersville Trails, in the hamlet of Barkersville, and Glowegee Creek North and South Trails.

  • new bog bridging

    We’re taking you for a quick behind the scenes look at a Monday Steward trail work day.

  • in lieu of feast

    Saratoga PLAN’s Feast of the Fields has become a cherished community tradition where kindred spirits congregate to share the bounty of area farms and support the preservation of land and nature.

  • keep new york farming

    Did you know, every day 3.5 farms are lost to various development projects like strip malls and subdivisions? 

  • ode to the tractor

    You see them all the time. You may on occasion even get stuck behind them on back roads. But how often do you stop and think about how the tractor has impacted your life?
  • mark of distinction

    Strong Commitment to Public Trust and Conservation Excellence

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