• in lieu of feast

    Saratoga PLAN’s Feast of the Fields has become a cherished community tradition where kindred spirits congregate to share the bounty of area farms and support the preservation of land and nature.

  • keep new york farming

    Did you know, every day 3.5 farms are lost to various development projects like strip malls and subdivisions? 

  • ode to the tractor

    You see them all the time. You may on occasion even get stuck behind them on back roads. But how often do you stop and think about how the tractor has impacted your life?
  • mark of distinction

    Strong Commitment to Public Trust and Conservation Excellence

  • trail ethics explained

    We can all think of someone that has, due to recent circumstances, increased their time spent in the outdoors.

  • stewardship resource center

    Saratoga PLAN’s Galway Nature Preserve is getting a makeover thanks to a grant from the Dockstader Charitable Trust.

  • photos from the field

    On recent visits to Barber Bros. Dairy and Featherbed Lane Farm, lands conserved with the help of Saratoga PLAN, staff members Laura Kipper and Bonnie Nightingale captured a few breathtaking photos. You can almost taste the corn and hear the buzz of the bees in the flowers.

    We invite you to indulge with us here:

  • community stories

    Community is at the core of Saratoga PLAN. Over the years, we have grown accustomed to indulging in your stories of visits to PLAN preserves at events, trail work days, or simply stopping to chat along the trail. Socially distant times have us missing those interactions, so we’re collecting community stories and sharing them here.

  • meet our summer intern

    Hi, my name is Katie Maffett! I am this summer’s community engagement intern. For the next seven weeks, I’m going to help with social media posts, communications outside of social media, and data management. I am a recent graduate of Skidmore College where I majored in biology and minored in anthropology. I will be pursuing… Read More 

  • summer isn’t canceled

    Even though camps are closed and vacations are postponed, don’t give up on summer 2020 just yet. DIY summer with Saratoga PLAN.

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