• Meet some of our featured chefs for this year’s 12th annual Feast of the Fields!


    Feast of the Fields will be held on September 21, 2017. Join us for the chance to enjoy delectable tastings prepared for you by some of Saratoga’s finest chefs. As much as possible, ingredients used in the dishes are sourced from local farms, giving our guests the opportunity to taste and learn about all our county has to offer in the way of fresh produce, meat and dairy. Here is a sneak preview of some of the culinary stars who will be featured that evening!

  • Tails on Trails Photo Contest – Winner

    The winner of Saratoga PLAN’s first ever Tails on Trails Photo Contest is Barbara M. for her great shot of Arya, Steve and Quinn at Ballston Lake (pictured below).

    Saratoga PLAN would like to thank everyone who submitted photos to Saratoga PLAN, and also Bella and Lindy’s Pet Boutique for partnering with us to host this contest.

  • Tails on Trails Photo Contest

    Saratoga PLAN is hosting a Tails on Trails Photo Contest for the month of June to spread awareness of all the great places in Saratoga County you and your furry companion can go and enjoy the outdoors. One lucky winner will earn some free merch from Saratoga PLAN and some awesome goodies for you and your pet, courtesy of Bella & Lindy, Saratoga’s Pet Boutique located in Saratoga Springs, New York.

    No purchase is necessary. To enter, submit a photo of your pet on one of your favorite trails in Saratoga County to Please include the name of your pet and the location. Entries must be received by June 30, 2017 to qualify. Saratoga PLAN Staff will pick the winner.

  • Now Hiring

    Saratoga PLAN is hiring Program Assistants to provide support for development, outreach, communications, stewardship, conservation and education programs. There are two positions available: full-time (40 hours per week), and part-time (15-25 hours per week). These are paid on an hourly basis. For more information click here.

  • 2017 Spring Newsletter Published

    PLAN’s 2017 Spring Newsletter will be in the mail shortly, and it is now available online. Check out articles on the Palmertown Project, the 2017 Letterboxing Program and the new signage at the Hennig Preserve.

  • Letterboxing and Passport Program Launched for 2017

    Saratoga PLAN has kicked off the spring 2017 season with a fresh batch of passports and new additions to the popular Letterboxing and Passport Program. Thanks to the creative work of PLAN volunteer, Kim Dellis, PLAN now maintains updated letterbox clues at five additional PLAN Preserves and Partner Trails in Saratoga County, including the Spruce Mountain Trail, The Zim Smith Trail, Railroad Run Trail, The Saratoga Siege Trail, and the Round Lake Preserve. Check out the Explore pages for more information on these trails and preserves, including maps and directions.


  • National Walking Day

    The first Wednesday in April is National Walking Day, and with a break between rainstorms it is a perfect day to get out on one of the great trails available in Saratoga County. Saratoga PLAN manages 10 public preserves with 24 miles of accessible trails.

  • 2016 Annual Report Published

    Saratoga PLAN is proud to announce the arrival of our 2016 Annual Report: A Changing Landscape. With the rapid growth and economic development in Saratoga County the need to “Preserve Land and Nature” is greater than ever, and Saratoga PLAN is up to the challenge. The 2016 Annual Report highlights the many initiatives PLAN completed in 2016, along with the capacity building steps that will support service needs in the future.

  • Saratoga County Ranked Healthiest in NY

    A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study on county health rankings lists Saratoga County as #1 in New York State. The study looks at many factors making for healthy communities, including access to exercise opportunities and healthy food, which are both focuses of Saratoga PLAN.

  • Spring Goats

    On Sunday, I pulled on my overalls and muck boots to head out to do chores on a sunny, yet chilly, morning.  I usually feed the horses first while the goats line the fence waiting patiently for their breakfast. I noticed that the herd leader, Shelby, was missing from the group. She is the leader, I assume, because she’s the largest of the herd, as she is an Alpine cross dairy goat. Shelby had an approximate due date of March 22. I had a pretty good idea of her due date because it generally takes 150 days for gestation to take place in a standard-size goat. Once I realized that Shelby was missing I knew there had to be goat kids born already or she was very close. Shelby doesn’t miss a meal, ever.

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