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Saratoga PLAN actively manages 12 nature preserves that hold ~25 miles of trails that are free for the public to explore.

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The lands that Saratoga PLAN works to conserve benefit our local communities in so many ways. Natural areas provide habitat for wildlife, keep our air and water clean, and help absorb water during storm and flood events. For these reasons and many others, the lands that PLAN helps to conserve are out there working every day for everyone.

On top of the natural services that conserved lands supply our communities, the woods, waters, meadows, wetlands, and fields that make our county unique are just plain fun to get out and explore!

PLAN has also been instrumental in working as a conservation partner with the county, local municipalities, landowners, other conservation groups, and many, many volunteers in creating popular trails such as the Zim Smith Trail, Railroad Run Trail, Saratoga Siege Trail, and Spring Run Trail.

We hope you enjoy visiting these special places as much as we enjoy creating and caring for them.

See where our preserves are located or find a preserve close to you.