Letterboxing is an old English tradition dating back to 1854 where people began leaving self-addressed post cards or notes in a jar, hoping for them to be returned in the mail by the next visitor.

Today we’ve adapted this English tradition and put it to use on Saratoga PLAN’s nature preserves and partner trails. Each preserve and trail has a letterbox ranging in difficulty for participants and gives each type of adventurer an exciting opportunity to explore our preserves and have fun while doing so.

Letterboxing steps:

Step 1. Get a PLAN Nature Passport by downloading it from this page, or stopping by the PLAN office.

Step 2. Pick your preserve and download clues. Click the preserve links below to download site-specific clues, or pick up laminated clues from trailhead kiosks. Please remember to return laminated clues. (Note: Round Lake Preserve does not have a kiosk, clues need to be downloaded).

Step 3. Hit the trail! When you find a letterbox, use the stamp inside to mark your PLAN Passport, and take one of the post cards inside with you and send it back to us with your comments on how the hunt went for you. 

Step 4. Once you’ve collected at least 5 stamps, and written down three species you saw at each of those 5 preserves, bring your passport into the PLAN office for a t-shirt prize!

These preserves currently have letterboxes awaiting your arrival!
  1. Ballston Creek Preserve
  2. Bog Meadow Trail/Meadowbrook Preserve
  3. Coldbrook Preserve
  4. Galway Nature Preserve
  5. Hennig Preserve
  6. LeVine Preserve
  7. Orra Phelps Nature Preserve
  8. Round Lake Preserve
  9. Rowland Hollow Creek Preserve
  10. Woodcock Preserve
We are also working on getting letterboxes re-hidden at the following trails that are not managed by Saratoga PLAN:

10. Lake Lonely Trails
11. Railroad Run Trail
12. Saratoga Siege Trail
13. Spring Run Trail
14. Spruce Mountain Trail
15. Zim Smith Trail