earth day beaver walk

April 22, 2019
1:00pm - 2:30pm +

Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park and Saratoga PLAN are teaming up to offer a nature walk that is all about New York State’s official animal: the Beaver!


Environmental Educators from the Preserve & Park will be joining with nationally renowned beaver expert, Skip Lisle to lead this family-oriented walk.

The walk will leave from the Meadowbrook Parking area of the Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail and explore the wetland habitats that are created and maintained by this fascinating animal. Participants will learn about the importance of the beaver to the exploration and settlement of our region, about its natural history, about how it is one of the few animals to be able to manipulate the environment to create its own habitat, and about the efforts that Saratoga PLAN has gone through to help keep the beavers as residents of the Bog Meadow wetlands.

Space is limited and registration is required by April 18.

For more information or to register, please call the Preserve & Park office at 518-450-0321 or via email at

Mr. Lisle has created unique and environmentally-friendly solutions to the problems that beavers can cause to the human-built environment. Through his vast knowledge of how beavers build, he is able to work with them to keep their flooding and damming to a minimum, allowing them to do their work creating valuable wetlands without causing conflicts with roads, trails, and other human projects.

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