living in balance with beavers

April 18, 2020
10:00am - 11:00am +

Learn how wildlife management expert Skip Lisle is managing beavers on Saratoga PLAN preserves.


In March of 2020, beaver activity at the Galway Preserve caused flooding in unanticipated areas. Rather than emptying into a designated stream, a flooding pond began eroding a road and encroaching on neighboring land. To address the situation, PLAN called upon wildlife management expert Skip Lisle. He installed a water level device called a Beaver Deceiver.


In this 30 minute presentation, Skip will explain how the system works, why in the long term its a good financial decision, and how it works with beavers rather against them. Ask Skip questions about beavers, the device and more in a 15 minute Q & A session following his presentation. Grab your cup of coffee or tea and get cozy for a wonderful conversation!

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Meeting ID: 919-2486-4948

This event is free and available to up to 100 participants.


P.S. Are you interested in funding the beaver deceiver installation at the Galway Preserve? Please make a note that your donation is for the beavers. Thank you for your support!

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