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Saratoga PLAN has the opportunity to protect a 168-acre property straddling the Galway-Providence town line in the hamlet of Barkersville. Formerly a training ground for sled dogs, the property's winding trails lead to trickling brooks, moss covered boulders, and fields of ferns awaiting exploration and protection.  

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  1. Marilyn Hollenbeck

    Such a great idea, and yes, you have my support, and help, if it is something I am able to help with.

  2. Cheri Monaco

    Would love to help, just say the word. Great idea! Saratoga is best known for…”Health, History and Horses”!

  3. Lisa Kalvaitis

    I’m in! We just donated to the cause, and are looking forward to seeing this project move forward. My horses are looking forward to it as well 🙂 It would be nice if some of the enthusiastic horse owners responding to this could get together for rides.

  4. Lauren Jordan

    I live very nearby and love the idea! I notice that comments are a bit old. Are there any recent updates?

  5. Amy

    I would LOVE to have a trail system nearby to ride horses on!!! There are a LOT of us nearby who would support this!

    • Alex Fylypovych

      Hi Jason,

      There is no hunting on this property. We’re in the process of reviewing hunting policies for other PLAN properties and should have an update before the 2020 hunting season.

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