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Prior to opening to the public, two new Saratoga PLAN trails in the Town of Galway are getting a good dose of TLC this fall: Barkersville Trails, in the hamlet of Barkersville, and Glowegee Creek North and South Trails.


The winding Barkersville trail system was previously grounds for sled-dog training and is a now-conserved 168 acre area. After a season of trail development, from scouting to clearing to trail marking, Barkersville Trails awaits a bridge installation and kiosk information.


Glowegee Creek Trails will connect a northern entrance on Old Mill Road to a southern entrance on Route 45. The trail crosses three parcels of conserved land thick with hemlocks, ferns, and wildflowers and winds alongside Glowegee Creek for a portion of the way. The South entrance parking lot awaits a final trash haul, kiosk, and parking lot access.

Both Barkersville and Glowegee Creek locations are awaiting beautiful entry way signage.

  • Sneak preview of Barkersville entry sign.

  • Sneak preview of Glowegee Creek South entry sign.


  1. Patricia Terry

    Was unable to find where this trail is located. Is there an online trail map? Looks great. Thanks.

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