new trail teaser


While finishing touches are being put on the Glowegee Creek North and South Trails, take a look behind the scenes of the trail development process.

Please note that some photos were taken pre-covid.

  • Siting the location of a bridge crossing.

  • Volunteers from Regeneron helping with a trail clearing day.

  • Regeneron and PLAN volunteers install a bridge crossing.

  • Glowegee Creek.

  • Glowegee Creek bridge crossing awaits wooden planks.

  • Bridge passes “stress test”.

  • Volunteers add stones to a muddied trail area.

  • Trail markers are up!

  • Volunteers sweep the trails looking for things… like downed trees.

  • Glowegee Creek South parking lot barn and trash removal.

  • Entry sign installation.

  • Kiosk is up!


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  1. Paul Dietershagen

    Nice trails. This is really near to where I live so I’ve used the trails several times. I think it’s cross country skiable. Thanks for the hard work and vision.

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