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You Can Help Save Boyhaven

Saratoga PLAN is working with Friends of the Kayaderosseras and other community members in the Town of Milton who wish to preserve Camp Boyhaven as a public recreational and natural area. The Town of Milton’s attempt to purchase and preserve Camp Boyhaven as public open space for passive recreation is in trouble following the withdrawal of a $500,000 donation from an anonymous donor. If you are willing to help by pledging a donation please let us know the amount on the form below.  

Names will be kept confidential, but the number of pledges and total dollar amount pledged will be tracked.

We are not collecting funds at this time. We are only soliciting pledges of donations, but if the deal closes we may need the money quickly.

FYI, we considered a “go fund me” effort, but they require a credit card donation on the spot and take a percentage of the amount. And then if the deal falls through we have to worry about refunding people’s money. We don’t need the actual money now, just an idea of how much people are willing to donate if the Town Board goes through with the deal, so this will be a much simpler method. Be aware however that if the deal closes we may need the money very quickly.

Please feel free to share this widely with others you think might be willing to help. Thanks for your support.

Larry Woolbright, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Siena College

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    • John Kettlewell

      No comment required. The required fields are for those who wish to fill out the pledge form.

    • John Kettlewell

      Thanks for your pledge! We are not yet collecting funds pending negotiations for the purchase.

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