featured preserve of the month: the coldbrook preserve


63 acres with close to two miles of marked trails that wander through wetlands and towering pines in the Town of Northumberland, New York.

The Coldbrook Preserve was officially opened in April of 2013 after Jim & Christine McKnight donated the property to Saratoga PLAN.

This preserve is a perfect demonstration of some of PLAN’s most important values as it offers public access via a wooded trail system that is surrounded by both prime natural habitat as well as working agricultural fields. Visitors can experience the diversity of the area by first traveling down a tree-lined path that borders a working farm field before continuing on into a deep wooded area.Coldbrook Preserve bridge

The Coldbrook Preserve is also a perfect demonstration of community collaboration, as many entities came together to see this project succeed. To this day, Saratoga PLAN continues working in partnership to care for the land by teaming up with local scout groups on preserve enhancements.

Be sure to bring your camera...

The density of the towering pines that loom in the central portion of the preserve are quite a sight! Early morning sunlight works to transform the area into a real-life scene from a fairytale.


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