chefs of feast - dan spitz


We are delighted to have Chef Dan Spitz bring his unique cuisine crafting to this year's Feast of the Fields. He is the private chef and owner of FatNHappy, LLC catering in the Capital Region. He is also the Chef de Cuisine of Max London's, and works as a chef at the Beekman Street Bistro.  

Chef Dan spent the majority of his early years in Portland, Oregon, where he made his mark preparing unusual and acclaimed dishes for elite West Coast restaurants. During his time working as the executive chef of two West Coast restaurants named Mint and Ripe, he began to understand and care about agricultural sustainability.

Dan is an avid hiker, birder, kayaker and fisherman. Given his love for the natural environment,  he is determined not only to “talk the talk” but to “walk the walk” when it comes to sustainable practices within his cooking establishments. He recognizes the importance of pasture-raised, grass-fed animals and is  proud to source 90% of his meats and produce from local farmers. Sustainability starts with the farmers, and Chef Dan hopes to provide them with venues so that people can understand what farmers do and how important their role is to our future and health.

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