129 acres of forever farmland


Saratoga PLAN and landowner David Bowman finalized a conservation easement on 129 acres of fertile farmland comprising Malta Ridge Orchard and Gardens in the Town of Malta.

“Saratoga PLAN is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist Mr. Bowman in realizing his goals of protecting this farmland,” said Michael Horn, Conservation Director for Saratoga PLAN, adding “the property’s high quality, well-draining soils are ideal for farming, and will now forever be available for agricultural use.”

Bowman explained that after farming a piece of property for over 40 years, the last thing he’d want is to see someone divvy up the land and build houses on it. “The biggest thing, especially in our area, is that there is so much development pressure,” said property owner David Bowman. “I hate to see houses planted on the land, I’d rather see it stay a farm.”

The farm was formerly an orchard and nursery with a farm store, growing a wide variety fruits and vegetables from peaches and plums to blueberries and raspberries, in addition to pork, chicken, beef and turkey.

This farmland conservation project enjoyed wide community support. Funding for this project came from NYS Department of Ag and Markets’ Hudson Valley Agriculture Enhancement Program, a Saratoga County Farmland Protection Grant, a grant from the Town of Malta and a generous donation from Bowman.


    • Alex Fylypovych

      Thank you for your interest in this project. When a conservation easement is in place to protect a farm, the landowner retains the right to make management decisions and the responsibility of general maintenance and upkeep of the property. Saratoga PLAN’s role is to ensure that the land is kept available for farming and the terms of the easement are upheld. Therefore, we cannot speak directly to your question.

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