news & press archive: Jul 2018

  • Mack Brook Farm Joins the Feast

    Mack Brook Farm is a beautiful 300-acre farm, nestled in the town of Argyle, New York. The property was purchased in 1928 and has since become the family home to four generations. Initially, Mack Brook was primarily a dairy farm. However in 2003, the family decided to begin raising Angus cattle, as Argyle has an environment naturally suited to that breed. A sophisticated understanding of genetics has allowed Mack Brook Farm to breed the very best cattle, producing extremely fine meat with superior flavor. Read More 

  • BLG Farm Joins the Feast

    Saratoga Plan is delighted to welcome BLG Farm to this year’s Feast of the Fields event. BLG Farm’s mission is to provide exceptional products to their customers and to promote development of the local farming community.  With the decline of available farmland and struggles in financial sustainability, it is essential to share knowledge and resources with others who have like-minded intent. The revolution to bring back locally grown, healthy, natural alternatives is growing. We are delighted to share in BLG’s support of the local community! Read More 

  • Summer Newsletter

    Saratoga PLAN’s Summer 2018 newsletter is now available. If you haven’t already received one in the mail you can download it here. Read More 

  • Chefs of Feast – Chris Bonnivier

    Meet Chef Chris Bonnivier, of the Adelphi Hospitality Group, our newest Chef for Feast of the Fields. Originally from Dalton, Massachusetts, his first experience working in a kitchen was at age fourteen, when he worked with Maître Cuisinier Jean Morel at the Hostellerie Bressane in Hillsdale, New York. Though he was hired as a dishwasher, he became inspired by Morel’s French cooking, falling in love with the “farm-to-table” practices used there. Read More 

  • Volunteers Fight Invasive Species

    Saratoga Plan led a community-wide effort on Saturday, June 30, to begin removal of an invasive outcropping of water chestnut plants on Fish Creek, the outlet of Saratoga Lake. The event kicked off at 8am on Saturday morning, with over 36 volunteers in attendance. Prior to the boat launch, Capitol Mohawk Partnership for Regional Invasive Species (PRISM) provided information about the invasive species as well as a tutorial on the proper procedures for water chestnut removal. Kayak Shak generously provided boats for those in need. Read More